Lolinya's High-end Shapewear


One Piece Design

360-degree one-piece design

Feature Introduct

Industry-leading gold medal shapewear

“The world's first one piece design shapewear” was awarded the Gold Medal at the “Invention and New Product Exposition (INPEX)” after intense competition.
With innovative technology and skillful craftsmanship, it leads the shapewear industry to create the most popular body sculpting brand among women.

Bra and crotch design

The bra-inclusive design moves your breasts closer together and pushes them upwards to prevent them from sagging and spreading to the sides; the bra sides are elevated to provide complete coverage of the side boobs. With our easily removable “nursing shoulder straps” specially designed for post-pregnancy moms, breastfeeding is made convenient.

The built-in crotch holes conventional shapewear may cause bum spillage. In order to avoid having blind spots that are not sculpted, Lolinya has developed a 360-degree “crotch design” that covers the buttocks, compresses the fat, and accentuates the curves to achieve a truly zero dead spot body shaping effect.”

Leg-sculpting cuff design

The shapewear, combined with crotch design, is specially designed for a 360 degree sculpting of the inner thighs, eliminating the saddlebag fat and sculpting the inner and outer thighs at the same time.

Six backside-lifting diamond-shaped seams

The six backside-lifting diamond-shaped seams work to prevent the buttocks from sagging because of gravity, so you don't need to push and squeeze your buttocks deliberately after wearing it to achieve the butt-lifting effect. After childbirth, the pelvis can get wider, and the diamond-shaped backside-lifting seams can also work to help with the supporting, lifting, repositioning, and shaping of the buttocks.