Lolinya's High-end Shapewear


Mild Steel Design

Keeps spine straight and relieves backache

Feature Introduct

Certified with an international gold medal

The middle steel design won the silver medal in "therapeutics" at the Invention and New Product Exposition (INPEX), and our shapewear is effective in supporting and correcting the spine. The wearer can naturally straighten her waist even when her body is relaxed. This helps to prevent hunchback and improve posture, and is suitable for women who suffer from back pain or hunchback due to prolonged sitting and standing.

Keeps spine straight and relieves backache

The shapewear conforms to women's bodies like a second layer of skin. Since Lolinya uses non-stretch "Non-fibre Cloth Naturally Figure-Sculpting Fabric" to make shapewear, the addition of steel boning design at the back of the shapewear can prevent the fabric from being deformed due to uneven tension. It also allows the wearer to stay upright in a relaxed state, improves stooping, helps maintain good postures and slimming at the same time.

Stretches well, allowing for easy movement, which increases comfort.

In addition of adding the steel boning in the shapewear for more support, "invisible sliding rails" are also developed in order to enhance comfort. They allow the steel boning to glide when bending without causing discomfort at the abdomen. The wearer can move smoothly and comfortably when leaning forward or backward.