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Figure-Sculpting Fabric

Light, thin, see-through, soft

Feature Introduct

Professionally certified fabric

After several years of research, development, material selection, and fabric testing, we have developed the top-grade "Figure-Sculpting Fabric" based on the themes of "sculpting effectiveness," "skin irritation and swelling avoidance" and "long-term wear suitability," abandoning the regular elastic fabric. The material has been tested by the Research Center for Biomedical Devices and Prototyping Production in Taipei Medical University and the result shows that it will not cause skin irritation or swelling, making it the perfect fabric to use for making “garments that are in direct contact with the skin”.

◼ Recommended by Prof. Ou Keng-liang, Taipei Medical University ◼
The non-stretch "Figure-Sculpting Fabric" is ultra-breathable, highly moisture-absorbent, fast moisture-wicking, effectively skin-tight, soft, and not irritating.

◼ Recommended by Kao Yi-sheng, the director of Charm Aesthetic Surgery Center ◼
The three-dimensional tailoring follows the curves of the human body, and appropriate pressure is exerted on body fat according to the different movements of the human body to sculpt a beautiful figure. The "Figure-Sculpting Fabric" is specially designed for sculpting the body, and it is soft and non-deforming.

Light, thin, see-through, soft

The moisture-absorbing and certified Coolplus® functional fabric that is only 0.1mm thick is used. It is breathable, moisture-absorbing, and moisture-wicking. Wearing it will keep your skin dry and cool throughout the day. Material Safety Certification

Non-stretch and doesn't deform when worn for long periods of time

With "sculptural effect" and "suitability for wearing or a long time" as the main consideration, we abandoned the regular elastic material and developed the only "non-stretch fabric" in the industry, which passed the 80kg tensile test, ensuring that no body movement or weight gain will affect the sculpting effect and that every inch of fat will be compressed, and no elasticity will be lost or deformed due to prolonged wear.

Skin-friendly and wear-resistant

Shapewear is like a woman's second skin. Lolinya insists on the strict selection of fabrics. According to medical tests, the Figure-Sculpting Fabric used by Lolinya will not cause any irritation to the skin. Each piece of fabric has been tested at least 20,000 times for abrasion resistance and conforms perfectly to the body's contours, making it easy to perform any body movement.