Lolinya's High-end Shapewear


S-shape lace

Simply pull to reduce your waistline by 6-8 inches

Feature Introduct

Certified with international patents

The S-shape lace has won the Bronze Award for “Alternative Medicine” of Invention and New Product Exposition (INPEX). It can suppress appetite and has the function of compressing fat cells, replacing weight-loss drugs to achieve the effect of healthy weight loss.

Waist slimming

The S-shape lace utilizes traditional mechanics to easily adjust the tightness of the stomach area, waist, and lower abs with one hand. After fastening the hooks on the left and the right, pull and tighten to see your waistline reduced immediately by 6 inches. It's easy and effortless. You can adjust the tightness between the hooks yourself to make sure that you are in the most comfortable state.

Tummy control

Do you often feel like you can't get enough to eat? The S-shape lace of the shapewear has the effect of suppressing appetite when pulled tighter before eating. Wearing it for long periods of time can effectively reduce the abdominal and stomach space, which helps to achieve a healthy slimming effect without the hard work of dieting.

Abdominal compression

The S-shape lace keeps the belly toned and flat even when sitting. You won't have to tighten your belly hard to show off your beautiful hourglass figure confidently.