Lolinya's High-end Shapewear


Bottom Zipper

Aesthetically pleasing, convenient, and groundbreaking design

Feature Introduct

Certified with industry-exclusive patents

The "invisible double zippers," which won the two gold medals at the 2018 Exhibition of Inventions Geneva in Switzerland, allows the shapewear to be worn on its own as a ready-to-wear piece. The Interior zipper covers the lady parts. The invisible design of the outer zipper is both decorative and aesthetic, satisfying women who want a sculpted body and look good at the same time.

Aesthetically pleasing, convenient, and groundbreaking design

Handmade and bespoke to fit around 12 circumferences, the shapewear's crotch fits the body perfectly, allowing the rear to be fully sculpted without any fabric digging in and causing unevenness. The custom-made inner zipper stretches from the pubic bone to the gluteal cleft. To use the restroom, simply unzip it, eliminating the trouble of having to repeatedly put it on and take it off.

Clever feature that brings conveniency for the privates parts

The one piece design shapewear comes with zippers, so you don't have to take the whole thing off when you go to the bathroom. Just unzip and you're good to go. On the internal side of the zipper, there is also a discreet lining that replaces underwear and allows you to place sanitary pads and liners during your period. It is clean and hygienic, preventing any interruption in sculpting.

Upgraded comfort with flat crotch design

In order to achieve a 360-degree sculpting effect, the crotch area has been expanded so that the fabric will not dig into the private parts when you stretch, squat, lie down, sit, or stand up. The fabric fits all the curves of the body, sculpting the figure more precisely and allowing you to enjoy the shapewear in comfort.